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What We Do

Develop and Fortify

Revive Humanity helps develop and fortify individuals for a more meaningful and enriched life by facilitating service projects around the world. We aim to change the lives of both the recipients of the service and the volunteers who provide it.  Few things in life deliver long lasting joy, peace, perspective, and satisfaction like that which comes from truly giving of yourself in meaningful service! There are millions in the world who suffer from hunger, malnutrition, repressed economies, and other ailments. While we cannot reach them all we can help many. 

Add Service to Your Travel

 Our tours provide a perfect balance of enjoyable in-country touring with plenty of hands-on, down and dirty, nose to nose, service activities with the locals from that country. It truly is a fantastic way to see the wonders of the world and also experience the rich history and culture of the local people. Serving, giving, making a difference, experiencing various cultures, and having fun while doing it, is what we are all about.

If you want to travel and discover the beauties of the world while participating in meaningful service with the local communities, then Revive Humanity is a perfect fit for you! Whether you are a student looking to build a robust resume, a family desiring to have an enriching experience, a company wanting to provide your employees with a hands on-service or a ‘giving back’ activity, or a service group or individual wanting a fantastic adventure, we have prepared the perfect edifying venture for you. View our service opportunities to see the myriad of countries and experiences we are currently providing our volunteers or learn more about the projects we do and the impact they have.

Who We Are

Revive Humanity

Revive Humanity is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization that is helping to redefine charity. The organization’s main office is in Utah, USA and started in 2011. The goal of Revive Humanity is to help in providing long-term solutions to developing countries. Together we assist in building communities, strong families, and an informed global citizenship by facilitating collaboration between individuals and organizations as well as stimulate well-being and sustainability. 

Our Directors

Our executive team is headed by founder Ryan Ogden who has a robust resume in leadership and service tour experience. Revive’s Board of Directors are professionals that live across the United States and that all have a passion with travel and service. Each tour will be lead by a Tour Director. Out directors are dedicated individuals who know from personal experience what the communities and individuals need in their respective tour destination. These are individuals that have studied and planned for a substantial amount of time and have a sound understanding of what activities would be most enriching for the locals. 

Meet Our Directors

Ryan Ogden

Ryan Ogden is from Richfield, Utah and is the Executive Director of Revive Humanity. He graduated from Utah Valley University with a communication degree and loves to do just that, COMMUNICATE. Either in Tagalog, Spanish, or English he loves to interact and be with people. After a two year mission for his Church in the Philippines he founded and became the Executive Director of Philippine Improvement Group (This is a 501(c)3 charitable organization that leads the way to improvement by teaching, healing, and increasing the stability in the Philippines). He has lead many service tours to the Philippines and other places around the world. He taught the language of Tagalog at the Missionary Training Center for 2 years. He speaks basic Spanish but isn’t afraid to speak it to anyone. Ryan loves directing tours and putting a smile on faces while doing so.

Board of Directors

Mindy Pace

Mindy Pace is Revive Humanities second President of the Board of Directors since the organization was founded. She grew up in Richfield, Utah and attended college in Orem, Utah. She has served in many leadership roles for her church and community and is currently the President of the Relief Society in her area. She is organized, extremely crafty, and has been a major contributor to REVIVE HUMANITY since its inception. Mindy’s interest’s and hobbies include spending time with her family, travel, family history, exercise, volleyball, and shopping. She lives in Gilbert, Arizona, is married to Jon Pace, and is the proud mother of four children. She’s driven, not to do great things only for herself, but to spur her children on to even greater ones.

 She has traveled with Revive on a Western Caribbean Service Cruise and has sent her children on Service Tours to Fiji, the Philippines, and Peru.

It is her warmth, organization, and passion that make her such a valuable resource to this organization and to all those around her.

Brett Townsend

Brett is the Global Director of Insights for PepsiCo, focusing on executing consumer, shopper, retail, and innovation insights into compelling stories and increased sales. During his time at PepsiCo he has launched new brands, redesigned the front end/checkout of grocery stores, tapped into Brand Lovers of different brands to rethink how brands talk to their consumers, developed shopper-centric store solutions, and worked with the company’s biggest retail customers worldwide. He speaks frequently at industry conferences on story-telling and selling with insights. Prior to PepsiCo, Brett worked on the marketing agency side of the business, helping his clients launch new products and increasing sales to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars, in a wide array of industries such as CPG, Energy, Television, Restaurants/Hospitality, and Fashion. He started his career in Sports Broadcasting, doing play-by-play and reporting in the Western U.S., and was general manager for a professional volleyball franchise in Hawaii. Brett and his family have been involved with humanitarian trips and efforts in Guatemala by building furniture for schools and families, providing community chicken coops for long-term food/income sustainability, and water collection resources for households. He was also involved with Heifer International on a month-long, sustainable agriculture project, helping build a micro-economy among villages in northern South Africa.

Ann Marie Allen

Attorney Ann Marie Allen currently holds a positon on REVIVE HUMANITY’S Board of Directors while she is also appointed as Southern Utah University’s Director of Ethics and Compliance. Having recently served for three years on the SUU Board of Trustees, Allen brings a wealth of institutional knowledge and commitment with her. With over 15 years of legal experience, Allen has worked as a private lawyer and served as a deputy county attorney, commissioner, legislative appointee and legal counselor for countless businesses and organizations.

Allen obtained a juris doctorate at Brigham Young University, where she taught law and ethics as an adjunct professor; she taught similar courses as an adjunct faculty member at Utah Valley State College, now UVU.   She and her family have been involved with SUU since moving to Cedar City 15 years ago.

Her past performance in various positions and focused work ethic shows only a bright future for REVIVE HUMANITY’S Board of Directors.

Jon C. (Kit) Gallini

Mr. Gallini’s legal practice is engaged in assisting individuals, families and businesses with matters that allow them to conduct their personal and business lives to the fullest, and to be prepared for the unexpected. This is accomplished through his one on one attention, getting to know the needs of each client and the goals they wish to accomplish. Also, being there when the unexpected occurs.
Obviously, the goals of a business, family and individual are different; however, they overlap in many areas. Peace of mind, protection, and maximization are the key ingredients in the representation Mr. Gallini provides. He understands that there are people behind each business, and attempts to treat them in such a manner. It is simple… people just come first!
Mr. Gallini devotes his life to his four children, Josh, Zach, Addi, and Bailey, as well as his beautiful wife Heidi. He is also actively involved with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, as well as the Boy Scouts of America and within the community donating time and support to Living Word and Mansfield Cares. Hobbies include landscaping, cooking, and travel.

Bonnie ElHalta

Bonnie was born and raised in Southern California. She is a daughter of both a Palestinian Father and a Mayflower Descendent Mother making her love for the world ever so strong.
She attended school at Brigham Young University prior to serving an LDS Mission to Kentucky. After her mission she went straight to work. She has loved working with small start-ups in the food industry and spent her career watching great brands take off.
Bonnies career as also provided her the opportunity to live in some of the great cities of America. She has called San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, New York and Austin home. Somehow she seems to always make it back to the Wasatch Front where she is happy to enjoy the beauty of each season.
Bonnie enjoys traveling and can best describe her next destination by searching for something new, new destinations are always more exciting. She has a love for people and cultures and thrives on immersing in the ways and traditions of places she visits. Her travels have proven to be a great source of learning and faith building and she can often be heard speaking to youth groups about those experiences.
She is honored to be part of such a great organization and looks forward to adding value wherever she can.

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