Volunteer Testimonial – Dr. Marc Penrod

July 30, 2018

For several years my wife and I have had a desire to take our kids to a country where we could get to know a different culture and be of service to the community that we visit.  However, because neither of us have had experience out of the United States and neither speaks a language, finding a place where our service could be of value has been difficult.  Fortunately, we were blessed to find Ryan Ogden and Elizabeth Jarema and the Revive Fiji Tour.  It was a fantastic experience for my family including my 15 year old son and my 11 and 17 year old daughters.  We were all able to help greatly improve a school, my kids spent a lot of time teaching the Fijian kids in their classrooms, and my wife and I were able to give some valuable medical service.  The highlight of the visit was definitely the close relationships that we were able to develop with the Fijian people.  My kids were able to develop some lasting friendships with Fijian children.  We were treated with such hospitality and kindness by the people in Fiji that we have vivid memories that will last forever.  REVIVE HUMANITY organized the tour with such detail that we had no worries about travel or safety.  This was truly one of the best experiences of our lives and we look forward to returning to Fiji with Revive soon.

Dr. Marc Penrod