Volunteer Testimonial – Melanie Nelson

August 20, 2018

Melanie Nelson is a high school math teacher who loves kids, numbers, and traveling. She has had the opportunity to travel with Revive Humanity to Israel, Fiji, Egypt, Philippines, Belize, Honduras, and Mexico.  Getting to visit these amazing place has made Melanie realize just how amazing traveling can be when you add in an element of service. Here are her thoughts on how it has changed traveling for her:

Traveling was always a goal of mine. I wanted to visit incredible places and learn more about different cultures. I didn’t full appreciate the experience until I was able to serve. Getting into a community and serving those I met was amazing. The bonds that were made were more sincere and long lasting. Revive has given me that opportunity. Going to Israel and serving in Bethlehem was eye opening to see how much change I could make by the littlest things. Visiting schools in Mexico, Belize and Honduras made me love education and how important it is to share it with others. Traveling will never be the same without service. It opens your heart and eyes to truly appreciate the experience.

-Melanie Nelson