My New Christmas Tradition

October 5, 2018

My name is Chance Wilson, I’m 26 years old and from Bountiful, Utah. I have a big discovery I recently discovered, that I would like to share with you. First, let me start by giving you a brief background about me. I have 12 brothers and sisters! Yes, you read that right… 12! I am the baby of 13 kids. You can only imagine how crazy things were growing up with so many children.  If you’ve ever seen that movie “cheaper by the dozen”, it’s about a family with 12 kids, that’s pretty much how life was except add one more kid! I love my family and feel extremely blessed to have been raised in a loving household.

Like most families, we love Christmas at our house. We have fun traditions, lots of decorations, and delicious food. Most of my siblings are married and have their own families and with that, they’ve started their own traditions. Over the last few years Christmas became quieter and less exciting for me. I decided it was time to find a Christmas tradition of my own. I heard about Revive Humanity and their Christmas Service Tour and I decided to join. This… This right here… is what I discovered and this is what I want to share. CHRISTMAS SERVICE TOURS ARE THE BEST AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

We Traveled and Served in the Beautiful islands of the PHILIPPINES for Christmas 2107 and it was A-MAZING. I’ve had so many amazing Christmases at home with my family but Christmas in the Philippines is at the top of my list. It’s at the top for a couple reasons. REASON 1, Sad to say, but this was probably my first Christmas that I didn’t focus on the cool new gifts I was going to get, but rather I got to focus on giving my time and efforts to people who had far more less than I ever have. Me and the rest of the group were able to visit an orphanage, play with and provide lunch to the cutest little kids I think I have ever seen. We got to paint a school on a beautiful island that was so small it didn’t even have cars, and then teach the children English and play games with them for basically the whole day! These people showed me how amazing life is, and can be with basically nothing. I learned way more from them then I think they can learn from me! REASON 2, unlike the materialistic things that I would typically get for Christmas which eventually wear out or break, I have the memories, and the lessons I learned from all my new Filipino friends for the rest of my life! I wouldn’t change that for anything.

Doing Humanitarian service over the Christmas season not only gave me the opportunity to visit such a beautiful foreign country, that I probably would have never thought to visit on my own but it gave me the chance to realize what to me Christmas is all about! That is to serve others. Anyone who has ever thought of going on a humanitarian trip over Christmas with or family or even just by yourself, I highly recommend that you do it! It’s LIFE CHANGING. This trip was the beginning of a new tradition for myself and hopefully for my future family. Material things are nice and I’m not saying they are bad, but this next Christmas consider doing something a little different and collect moments, not things!