CHRISTMAS December 18-26th 2018

We serve on the beautiful island of Roatan, Honduras. In the many years Revive Humanity has been visiting this tiny island off the coast of mainland Honduras, it has remained a charming anomaly in the Caribbean: relatively unspoiled, unpretentious, a rare slice of genuine tropical paradise. You won’t see towering hotels and wall-to-wall duty-free shopping. Instead you find down to earth islanders who love their island and always welcome you with a smile. The mix of service and travel comes hand in hand on the island. There is a lot of help that is needed as well as a lot of fun to have.

Friendly experiences and beautiful scenery keep us going back to Roatan time and time again.

Tour Information

  • Cost: 1,750 + airfare
  • Location: Roatan, Honduras
  • Service Projects: Building Schools, Medical Screenings, Hygiene Classes, Educational Assemblies, and more!
  • Age of volunteers: 15 years and older (under 15 must be accompanied with adult)
  • Vaccinations: Ask your physician or visit wwwnc.cdc.gov
  • Arrival Airport: Juan Manuel Gálvez International Airport (Code: RTB)
  • Visa: Not Required for USA Citizens

Donate to our projects in HONDURAS

Not enough desks and dirt floors are a common thing you’ll find in elementary class rooms in Honduras. Many class rooms don’t even have a coat of paint to cover up the harsh center block walls. We have identified a local desk manufacturer and spend our time working with them to make sure each child has a desk. We also help with laying floor and painting in schools. Donate today and we’ll put 100% of it towards a bucket of paint or wood for a desk.